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Events in Moldova and abroad.
A conference in Chisinau? Let us think about details!
The Company's philosophy comes from an old Latin saying: „Age quod agis” that means "Do what you are doing!" Do what you best know in day by day work. Our team gives you this possibility and overtakes your tasks. We do assume the full responsibility for the image of your event or project while partnering with you. AQA and its partners bring their professional skills and corporate resources in order to professionally implement assignments.
The AQA team has a valuable experience in international cooperation and can ensure professional, efficient 'all inclusive' event and project management. We organize conferences, seminars, round tables, trainings, experts’ missions, exhibitions, receptions, presentations in Chisinau, in Moldova and abroad and provide all related services. We are able to manage the contents of the project or event as well as the logistic part. We organized events in Austria, Bosnia, France, Turkey and Ukraine. Would you prefer an other destination? Just show us on the map!
Training on integrated care for drug using inmates in Therapeutic
25.05.2015 - 29.05.2015
A training organized with the objective of creating a common vision and providing adequate working tools in the context of a Therapeutic Community for the professionals in the...
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Eastern Partnership work program 2012-2013 and 2014-2017
Views: 5076
Restaurant Day "Check IN Moldova!''
AQA, Rotary Cosmopilitan Chisinau, MDFSA, ANIFC and Luminita Suveica cooked for you. Many thanks to all of you for being a part of this beautiful social project. Your contribution helped us to raise 2700 Lei for the vitamins that will help the Moldovan children living with Cystic Fibrosis to grow...
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Video conferencing for your events: simple, reliable, accessible
10.03.2015 6867 Views,
AQA at the Restaurant Day Moldova
11.02.2015 6844 Views,
Brain Band
02.02.2015 6937 Views,
Christmas Tree Ball
11.12.2014 6838 Views,
“Bostaniada” Ethno-gastronomic Festival
28.09.2014 6785 Views,
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