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Video conferencing for your events: simple, reliable, accessible
10.03.2015 We are expecting from every spring something new. AQA brings innovative services for you. We offer video conferencing services to make the communication during your events even...
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AQA at the Restaurant Day Moldova
11.02.2015 AQA and partners will be at the Restaurant Day Moldova to stand for the children living with cystic fibrosis and help them grow up.Excellent food, interesting people, delightful communication are only few ingredients you will find...
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Brain Band
02.02.2015 AQA and partners will support the launch of a new musical project, Brain Band.Tuesday, February 3 we invite you to Paparazzi Cafe-Karaoke to have a great time with us at the kick-off of our new musical project, Brain Band, where you will witness the premiere of a new video for the song "Pentru...
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Christmas Tree Ball
11.12.2014 - 23.12.2014 For the second year in a row, AQA is a partner of the Christmas Tree Ball. We invite you to enjoy the trees created by students at the National Museum of Art on 11-23 December, where you can vote for your favorite trees and participate in a silent auction. It is a Klumea branded...
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“Bostaniada” Ethno-gastronomic Festival
28.09.2014 You are invited to the third edition of the Bostaniada Ethno Gastronomic FestivalTM  taking place on September 28. There will be a special exhibition of the largest and strangest pumpkins, crafts inspired by nature, live music, a costume parade, contests, games, pumpkin carving, wine tasting and...
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Diaspora Days in Moldova
26.08.2014 On August 26, in celebration of the Diaspora Days in Moldova, AQA will participate in organizing the conference “The Contribution of the Diaspora to the Development of the Country of Origin”. The workshops will be attended by members of the diaspora, as well as by representatives of NGOs and...
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DARE Social Fashion Show
16.08.2014 AQA is a partner and co-sponsor of the event DARE Social Fashion Show, which will take place on August 16. This is the first fashion charity event in Moldova, dedicated to women with mobility impairments and incurable...
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"The bright color of a good cause"
01.08.2014 AQA is a partner of the campaign "The bright color of a good cause" to be launched on August 1st. The campaign was initiated by the organization “Initiativa Pozitiva” to support the fight against HIV/AIDS in...
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"IA Mania" - Fashion and Traditional Cuisine Fair
29.05.2014 Event in Moldova dedicated to the traditional Romanian blouse “Ia”
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”Mai Dulce” - Sweet Festival
24.05.2014  AQA Event and Project Management will partner with Klumea to organize on May 25 the Festival of goodies!Join us and sweeten your...
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