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1 December - World AIDS Day
01.12.2010 HIV, AIDS, MallDova
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Red Ribbon Award 2010
30.11.2010 The Palace of the Republic, on 30 November, at 5 pm: The Red Ribbon Award ceremony ...
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WHO: Tuberculosis Surveillance Workshop
30.11.2010 Tuberculosis Surveillance Workshop:Measuring the burden of drug-resistant TBChisinau, Republic of Moldova30 November to 2 December 2010Overall objective    To interpret the available data and develop strategies for strengthening routine drug resistance surveillance.Invited participantsOne...
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Happy Birthday for our colleague, Cristina Railean-Dolgher!
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We have a new office!
20.11.2010 You are more than welcome on 51/18 Kogalniceanu str., 2012 ChsinauOur new contacts:Phone: +(373) 22 21 02 35Fax: +(373) 22 21 28 41Office mobile: +(373)(0) 79 26 79...
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Press conference: UNIFEM is Launching a New Program
02.11.2010 On 4th of November, in Leogrand Convention Center, at 10 am will be launched a new UNIFEM Programm. The programme “Women’s Economic Empowerment through Increasing Employability in the Republic of Moldova” is being jointly implemented by the United Nations Fund for Women (part of UN Women)...
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Cross River Communication and Cooperation: an workshop in Istanbul
13.10.2010 AQA will organize a workshop in Istanbul for the Council of Europe. The workshop 'Cross River Communication and Cooperation' will be held on 5 and 6 October 2010, within the confidence building measures for the two banks of the Nistru/Dniestr...
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The Last Jury Session Within The Media Competition „A Bridge Across”
13.09.2010 On September 13, will take place the last jury session within the media competition „A Bridge Across”, a project financed by the Council of Europe within the Confidence Building Measures Between the Two Banks of the river Dniestr/Nistru. This will be the final phase of the project wich started...
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Summer School for German students
22.08.2010 - 11.08.2010 International Summer SchoolChisinau, Comrat, OdessaAugust 22 – September 11 2010The summer school „Multilingvism and Multiculturality in the Black Sea Region: Republic of Moldova and South-West Ukraine is organized by Moldova-Institut Leipzig (MIL) and AQA Logistic & Consulting in...
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The First Stage of the Media Competition "Bridge Across".
29.07.2010 - 01.08.2010        On June 20th, 2010,  we concluded the first stage of the media competition "Bridge Across". The jury selected the best 19 proposals. The winning authors will participate in the media workshop that will take place in Odessa on July 29 – August, 2010.  The journalistic...
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