05.02.2009 Complex Event Logistics
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AQA Events and Project Management in Chisinau (Kishinev), in Moldova, in the EECA Region  - Efficient Event Planning and Logistics!

From the initial planning to the post event follow-up we manage your event and make it flow smoothly. Each event has only one chance to become successful and memorable. AQA helps you to take this chance. AQA joins hands with a great number of experts to ensure efficiency and quality to all facets, at each event stage. We commit all our resources and sub-contract additional ones in order to diversify the provided services and reach the perfect balance between price and quality.

We fully assume the responsibility for your company or organization image while planning and managing the event in Moldova or worldwide. Our image and public relations coordinators will be happy to get in contact with you in order to discuss and design the project, establish you preferences and expectations,identify problems and necessary logistic means and, together with our technical experts, develop the proposal.  During the event planning and management we will keep you informed of everything involved in the process. This will help to take on-going decisions, based on appropriated information. 

AQA Logistic team is proficient at maximizing the effectiveness of promotion tools to give your event full coverage (branding, logo, media promotion, signage, sponsorship/partnership promotion). Our experts know how to approach media campaigns for promoting public utility actions. By analyzing your target audience, promotional goals and budget, we can design a promotional campaign tailored to meet your needs. An efficient, flexible, multilateral, dynamic and receptive to your preferences team will work for your success. Our contacts, communication skills and the core staff experience allow us to have for each event a specifically configured team, particularly diversified resources, confident partners and excellent results.

We know that details are important, we know how to work under pressure, and we let your staff get back to work stress free.


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