05.02.2009 Consulting
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Creative solutions

Trainings and consulting in:


o       Strategic management

o       Strategic planning

o       Strategic communication

o       Strategic needs assessment

o       Payment by results

o       Team building

We are working with governmental, non-governmental, private organizations and service providers to address specific questions, problems and needs. AQA offers a comprehensive service to help you with gap analysis, strategy development, strategic needs assessment, market segmentation, service redesign, mapping pathways, service revision, payment by results, productivity metrics and much more.  

Our team of consultants, specialists, researches and information specialists has experience and expertise in needs assessment, equity analysis, impact assessment and other population analysis. The human development experts are involved in strengthening the cohesion and impact of  workforce. This is implemented through the development of competences, standards, training, regulation and planning. 

In addition to permanent team we employ a team of freelancers who have a wealth of experience in various fields at senior levels. Nationally and internationally recognized, our knowledge and experience ensure that delivery of each piece of commissioned work can be finally tailored to meet specific needs. Our models and approaches are transferable across the public sector.

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