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Efficient communication for saving time


o       Translation of specialized texts

o       Proofreading of specialized texts

o       Free of charge translation test for new clients

o       Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation

o       Speech writing

o       Elaboration or refinement of names and slogans

o       Design of strategies and content for:

Mass media campaigns

PR campaigns

Advocacy campaigns


There are many ways to fail a translation” stated a number of famous European institutions and associations in their Translation Buyers’ Guide. Unreal deadlines, the ambiguity of the original text, the incompetent use of translation software and tools, the lack of final editing, the translator’s illusions that he/she can manage his/her work without asking questions to the client and the non-involvement of the client –are only some of the reasons that can determine the failure of a translation.


 We approach translation as a complex project and we are aware of the resources that have to be mobilized for o flawless result. We offer translation services both within the events we organize and on a regular basis for our clients. Our translators have experience in public health, law, economy and international relations. They translated complex reports for international organizations and projects, detailed procurement and services contracts, terms of references for tenders and procurement, guidebooks,textbooks and methodical elaborations etc.


Any performed translation is revised and edited by AQA before delivered to the client. AQA works with translators and interpreters with good references who have attended trainings provided by Belgians, French and Romanian experts and organized by AQA in partnership with the Multilingual Interuniversity Centre for Translation, Terminology and Language Engineering(CIMETTIL).


The AQA Experts in Communication and PR can provide you consulting and help in elaborating efficient strategies, adjusted to the needs and the profile of your organization. Thus the maximum visibility of your organization, project, initiative or event will be assured.


We do not promise miracles, we do real things offering you the best possible quality.


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